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So, Sophie in the city of Cornwall for a birthday party and mixed day. This gave me one more night to organize something special. I found a party rocker switch in the network and watch Friday October 00 we were on our way. The host showed us all the facilities, sauna, pool, etc. Many people milling around a little action, but nothing really start until midnight. Sophie, who wore very little clothing attracted the attention of some of the men and was ready for some action. It created a dark room, and we both went to take a look. A man stood behind Sophie and I could see that she had sucked his cock and had a hand in the pussy and ass tits and other guy just stood there and watched them enjoy what they were doing. That's when I felt a hand on my cock and suddenly there was someone in my mouth, suck.... a kind of suction on me and I was really enjoying watching Sophieis removed and at the same time. The hosts did not even turn and got his hand in. But Sophie was a guy mofosex who is more than all the others that seemed a pleasant surprise huge cock! Surprise ! However, he suggested that we have a private room and have some one on one. We found a room, a swing, where early in his Sophie. Her ankles in the stirrups and leather straps around his ass support was hard as a rock, the condom is ready, she was in every way vicious. I was there and saw that he grabbed my cock fucking and suddenly I started to pull, so I decided to suck. Sophie and I saw that I really see kids having sex, making eye contact, talk to your shot, which began in his nice big cock and licked all the way to suck his balls and his head again purpura. Suck it once was on for me when Ir watching me even more. Then, when he began to fuck back down and started licking his cock moving whenever I have some nice cock to suck. We mofosex were fucking and sucking in this room until the final whistle. Then he went home at 3 am, unfortunately Matt could not go with us, so did not get his cell phone, perhaps late for a man to the action of man, we'll see. Sophie stayed with me until Sunday mofosex night and I took the train from STN, so he mofosex could return to her friend in Cornwall is a very lucky girl........ Until next time, may soon be coming to town again. mofosex
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Mardi 8 mai 2 08 /05 /Mai 16:49

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